Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Commute

Yesterday I rode home from work for the first time this year. I usually don't get the opportunity to make the long ride home until daylight savings hits, but yesterday I was able to leave work early. The first one is always tough mentally. Three-plus hours in the cold isn't always fun.

I took some of the dirt trails on the way. It was a lot muddier than I anticipated since it hadn't rained in nine days. Still fun, though, and better than dealing with cars. Anyway, you can see the route here.

I took a couple of lousy cell phone pics. Folsom Lake is really, really low right now.

The trail through Serrano.

I rode fairly well and finished strong up the last few hills. Today I am a little sore and stiff, but I think that's more from Thursday's kettle bell workout than the ride home.


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