Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday SS

In the good old days I had every Wednesday off. Now it's every other Wednesday. This was a move instituted by management a couple years ago when the State of California was furloughing us three days per month. The logic was we didn't have enough coverage with all the time off. Now the furloughs are gone, but our old schedules have not returned. Funny how that works.

After enduring my telework shift today, I made it out for a quick ride. Once again I took the single speed. Even though the route I chose was mostly road, there is enough dirt to make it OK.

The ride was only 15 miles, but with 1200 feet of climbing—enough to max my heart rate a number of times.

The last couple of rides have been on the Cozumel Project bike. I am trying to perfect the positioning and dial it in so I can decide if it's worthy of becoming the travel bike. Here's how it looked today:

Changes include a longer fork to get the bars higher, wider bars and a shorter stem. It feels OK, but the bars could be a touch higher. I really wonder if I should try to find a larger frame.


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