Saturday, January 03, 2015

Another New Year

I made it out today for a nice mixed terrain ride, by far the longest of the year. OK, it was only my second ride so far, but it was fairly long for a winter ride.

It was clear and cool and bright, with temps in the mid-40s. It was a bit cold for my liking, but still a welcome change from all the rain we had in December.

Unfortunately, the high pressure that gives us clear weather also keeps the smoke and smog near the ground. Many people burn in my county not only to heat their homes, but to get rid of brush and yard clippings. It all adds up.

The gravel roads were in good shape, but the trails were a bit wet in places.

Cerveza? Yes, please.

I certainly wish there were more quiet gravel roads like this one around here.

Yet another steep climb.

I ended up with 30 miles and 2400 feet of climbing on the day.


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