Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Ride

Today was my regular day off, so I went out for a nice mixed terrain loop on the mountain bike.

I hit all the dirt roads around my house on the way down to El Dorado Hills. Once there I decided to jump on the Brown's Ravine trail off of Guadalupe Drive. I hadn't been on the trail in years because technically it's a "no bikes" trail. However, it was quickly apparent from all the tracks that many people are now riding it. I saw a few groups of walkers on the trail and pulled over for them each time; everyone was very friendly. It felt like they are used to seeing riders, and I didn't see a single sign saying bikes couldn't be on the trail, so who knows. Maybe it's okay now.

Low water. Still. We definitely need some rain.

Riding on the trail brought back a lot of memories. This is one of the trails my friends and I frequented starting in 1985 when we first bought mountain bikes. It's still a fun trail.

When I reached Brown's Ravine I crossed over Green Valley Road and hit Wild Oaks trail. It's a fun little trail. I made it up the stair step climb that usually foils me, so that was nice.

After a short road transition I was on New York Creek, followed by another short road connection to Serrano. All told, except for a few short transitions, I was in the dirt (and car-free) for over eight miles. Nice.

As the weather warms I am trying to stretch my rides out. I'll use the additional piece of trail I scouted out today to make future loops bigger.


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