Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monterey Day 1

We're here in Monterey for a little vacation. Jenn is getting over a cold and opted for a lower-impact walk, so I was going solo today.

We brought the fat bikes and a second set of 29er wheels so we can vary our riding. I recently purchased a set of Surly Rabbit Hole wheels for my Pugs. I went with a low tread 29x2.25 tire, so they roll pretty good on the pavement.

I headed north on the trail, which was going into a pretty stiff headwind.

Still, I'm on vacation, so even though it was slow going, life was good. See?

The end of the trail is a little over 13 miles from the hotel. Once I made the turn my speed increased significantly. It seems rare, but sometimes you do get a tailwind.

There are opportunities to jump on some trails here and there. They are typically sandy and slow, though.

Almost back to the hotel.

A nice, scenic 26-miler to start the trip.


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