Saturday, January 17, 2015


Friday was a quiet day free from bikes. We walked, had coffee, went to see the film American Sniper, and walked through the aquarium.

I liked American Sniper. A lot. I cannot say for certain if it was a great film because I tend to love every project Clint Eastwood touches. I really need to see the film again and watch it from a reviewer perspective rather than from a fan's. Regardless, I do think this is another war movie anyone who never served should see, especially young people (if they can pull themselves away from their iPhones and sense of entitlement for a couple hours).

Even though we knew Chris Kyle's fate going in, I have never exited a quieter theater. Ever. Dead silence. Nobody said a single word.

We walked a few blocks to the aquarium in a somber mood, but for me that faded quickly as we entered the facility. We really love the aquarium, which I guess is why we are members. We are not rich by any means, and we only contribute the minimum, but if feels good to be a small part of something great.

We talked to a volunteer docent and asked about all the dead sunfish we saw a couple days ago. She told us it was not uncommon to see dead sunfish wash up. The seals and sea lions like to play with them and unfortunately they are not built to be Frisbees for marine mammals. The good news, she told us, is that a female lays so many eggs that juvenile fish are fairly plentiful.

We ate at a place called the Green Artichoke. I can't really recommend it.

Today we rode north on the bike trail. Being the weekend, trail traffic was dense around town, but after a few miles it thins out.

We did a little exploring on the way back.

Here Jenn flies down a descent.

It was probably the coolest day so far, but not bad, somewhere in the low 60s.

We finished up with dinner at the Indian restaurant again. I really like that place.


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