Thursday, January 15, 2015


After owning my Pugsley for over three years, I finally had the opportunity to put the fat tires in the sands along the sea.

We started from our hotel and rode along the bike trail past the wharf where we hit the beach.

The sand near town was fine and dense, making it easy to ride on.

As we rode farther north, the sand became more course, and that made it tougher to ride on.

Here I am setting up for a timer shot.

It was pretty difficult to time it right. Either I would have tough time getting back to the bike and moving or Jenn would.

It made for plenty of laughs.

I almost ran over a Flock of Seagulls. Fortunately they flew (and ran) so far away.

This is a sunfish, which in adulthood is the heaviest bony fish. They can weigh over a ton. Unfortunately we saw a dozen dead ones washed up on the shore. The gulls eat the eyes and fins and leave the rest. It was a real downer to see them. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium it is one of our favorite fish to see.

Almost back.

Jenn's front tire had a slow leak. After pumping it up, I nicked my finger on the disc brake rotor when I removed the pump.

For dinner we went to Peter B's, which is in the Portola Hotel. Unlike the Cannery Row Brewing Company, they actually brew their own beer. The place was packed, which surprised us. The food was good and so was the beer.

Another fine day. Later.

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