Monday, January 19, 2015


Yesterday Jenn needed a recovery day between rides, so I went out for a quick 20 before dinner. It was foggy and cool.

This is a guy we have seen a number of times who we call Sockman. Yes, those are socks on his hands. I fear if asked, he would give you a really creepy puppet show. In his pants.

There is an ocean out there somewhere. And maybe a guy with socks on his hands.

The breeze picked up near the end and helped blow the fog out.

Today we decided to ride around 17 Mile Drive. You can see the route here. Along the way we saw some baitfish boiling on the surface of the sea. This is usually because predatory fish are hunting from below. We stopped to watch the birds hunt from the sky for a while. Very cool to see.

A breeze and the king tide made for some spectacular views.

The king tide occurs in January when the Earth's orbit passes closest to the sun and the moon is either full or new. The January new moon occurs tomorrow, so the water is higher than we have ever seen it.

Even though I have done it a number of times now, I still have a tough time believing I get to ride along this beautiful ocean.

Taking a short break at Bird Rock.

As we wound around the route and headed inland, the terrain became more hilly. After a while we popped back out near Pebble Beach.

Here we are stopped at the Lone Cypress, which is said to be the most photographed tree in North America. Therefore, I refused to take a picture of it. I am not a follower. So you get yet another ocean shot.

As we reached the outskirts of Carmel, we turned inland and took on a tough 2.5 mile climb. After that we descended into Monterey and finished our ride.

For dinner we ate at Peter B's again. The food was great, the portions huge, the beer awesome, and once again the waiter very nice. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow morning we head home. It was a wonderful and much needed vacation, but I am looking forward to getting home and seeing the family. I am not looking forward to work . . .


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