Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving On

I sold my Surly Cross-Check a few weeks ago.

I sell a lot of bikes, but usually I scrounge around in the parts bin to make some substitutions, saving the parts I want for the next project. This one was different because I left all the good stuff on it.

The components were mostly Dura Ace 7700 9-speed. Remember when Lance won the Tour in 1999? He was using 7700. (Check out the quill stem!)

So I figured it was time to let the "good stuff" go. The components started on a Specialized road frame I built up in 1997 and have been moved from frame to frame for 18 years now. The parts have seen lots of miles and many battles—road races, criteriums and many cyclocross races. And they still worked great, a testament to Shimano quality. Newer Shimano road components are 11-speed, however, and 9-speed parts are getting tough to find. Time to move on.

A lot of my history rolled away with that bike, and it was kind of sad to watch the new owner drive off. Luckily there is always something new and fun on the horizon, and the proceeds from the Cross-Check will help with that.


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